We do not think of ourselves as philanthropist or altruists. We just try our best to run the business with a sense of moral compass in today’s world. We like to keep things simple.


The fact of the matter is that today, because of the competitive nature of our global economy, corporations are only concerned with one thing, that is, maximizing profit regardless of social or environmental costs.

Laiwa, a Singapore company came to fruition in 1983 with the intention of maintaining values, principles and the desire to deliver the most innovative packaging needs to your business. We are built on 2 foundations: Ethics and Experience.With a whole lot of Personality!

  • Our customers future is our concern
  • Developing the talents of our people
  • Integrity and Accountability of what we deliver



With a strength of over 200 employees now over at our manufacturing plant in Indonesia & Malaysia, we have developed from an expansion driven company to a market driven company. Our people are trained regularly to perform their jobs in accordance with the company’s standards in order to maintain the focus on our values.

Based in Singapore with 30 years of industry experience , we do what we do best. Providing consultation, supplies and packaging solutions to the all the industries dealing with Plastics. With factories specializing in injection molding and vacuum forming, we can help you from the initial concept right up to the marketing of your product or work with you to develop strategies and solutions that addresses your specific business needs.



So obsessed are what we constantly evaluate the advances of technology and machinery in the manufacturing and design industry so that we can apply it to our customers’ ever increasing business needs. Thus, offering customized and comprehensive packaging solutions.

We also pride ourselves in helping our customers design food and beverage packaging solutions. Nothing excites us more than watching a design come to life. Laiwa is committed in developing and maintaining strategies that are focused on product delivery, employees’ personal growth and minimizing environmental impact.