Custom Made Boxes and Accessories for Every Singapore Business

Laiwa Plastic offers business-owners a variety of specialised boxes, decorations and accessories to complement our other products or to suit special occasions. All made to our stringent quality standards, you can rest assured that this diverse range is an excellent investment for your company.

Including everything from mooncake boxes to cake toppers and nian gao trays, our custom made boxes and storage units smoothly integrate with the existing processes and infrastructure of companies, helping to attractively and securely get a product to market.

Our custom design and manufacturing process has been developed to meet the unique needs of our diverse clientele, ensuring that each customer receives precisely the right packaging for their product. Proper presentation can positively affect the public reception of product, so ensure that your company is working with the most suitable packaging.

Browse our range of samples & prototypes or speak to us about having something custom made for your business. Our company’s services can improve the aesthetics and saleability of your product, potentially increasing profits for your business.

Mooncake boxes, storage bins, pails and more

Laiwa Plastic is a versatile and dynamic Singaporean company offering a wide variety of products from food packaging to warehousing and shipping pallets to companies around the world. Working with clients representing a wide range of industries, we pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate the specific needs of each of our customers.

Get in touch with our customer service officer today with any enquiries. If you’d like to know more about our products or our company, or would like to discuss having your own packaging designed and manufactured, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Send a message to, fill in our contact form, or call us directly on +65 6566 7478.