Signages for Local and Regional Businesses

Laiwa Plastic has a strong reputation for providing eye-catching, brand relevant and high-quality signages for a variety of businesses. Our customised procedures in combination with our innovative design department assure you a quality product every time.

Working at any scale and level of complexity, our company is capable of helping you to a advertise your business. We understand the importance of good signages in Singapore – in a world so covered in advertising, yours has to be exceptional. Whether you’re looking to draw attention with bright colours, integrated lighting systems or creative 3D design, we can help. Working on both freestanding and wall-attached signage, each project we complete is durable enough to be used outside while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

We’ve created installations for reputable companies including Schwarzkopf and Ebix, and can even create branded wall and door panels. For high-quality, on-brand signages that can help to draw customers to your business, speak to Laiwa Plastic today.

Singapore’s best plastic products

Laiwa Plastic has more than thirty years of experience in the Singapore plastic design and manufacturing industry. In that time, we’ve helped thousands of business get everything from high quality plastic pallets to attractive, seasonal mooncake containers. Our factories are versatile and flexible, designing and creating a huge range of packaging and functional tools for businesses across the region and around the world.

Speak to us today about buying from our huge selection of readymade products, or enquire about our custom design and manufacturing process and get packaging perfectly suited for your company. Contact our office by sending a message to or fill in our contact form. We can also be reached over the phone directly on +65 6566 7478. Smart packaging design and careful manufacturing can help distinguish your product in the marketplace.

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