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If you’re a baker or a sweets manufacturer, ensure that your customers are enticed by your product by investing in Singapore’s best bakery packaging. Your customers will love our colourful and functional boxes, trays, bags and tins. These food-contact safe and durable products are an excellent choice for large and small scale operations.

As one of the best cakes and cookies container suppliers in Singapore, we know the food industry has unique specifications when it comes to the production processes, materials and treatments used. Our range of packaging, wrappers, utensils and accessories are designed to be as cost-effective for your company as possible without sacrificing quality, durability or safety. Our competitive priced range allows you to reach the market sooner and with fewer overheads

Offering everything from plastic spoons to muffin cups to baguette bags to candles, our range is diverse and affordable. We are proud to provide many food manufacturers with complete turnkey solutions for the packaging and visual presentation of their products. Whether you’re a small cake maker working entirely by hand or a larger baked goods manufacturer turning out thousands of units a day, we offer scalable solutions suited to your business.

Industrial, warehousing and bakery packaging

Speak to the packaging and storage experts at Laiwa Plastics today and increase your product’s visual appeal while decreasing your unit cost. We can even create custom packaging just for your product in addition to functional storage and presentation solutions as diverse as industrial storage tubs and mooncake packaging.

Bakery Accessories

Plastic Packaging

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